Freut euch auf diesen Abend: ab 19 Uhr spielen wir live im Trio unplugged “Voice & Guitar” zu tasty Sounds von DJane Zoë B. Und nach dem Essen, gibt es Partytunes wo wir live Gas geben. Wer sitzen bleibt darf aber bitte bei uns anstatt zu Hause. Wir freuen uns auf euch! Clash:

What’s good by itself is even better together

Located in Zürich, between iconic Langstrasse and trendy Europaallee, CLASH is a combination of different foods, drinks, trends, colors, and textures.

The creators of CLASH itself represent the perfect clash of lifestyles and personas: Some sipping their first smoothie at 6 am, others going to bed at that time. Some preferring Italian cuisine, others can’t get enough of sushi. Some were born in Zurich, others in Graubünden… Or even Germany, Italy, Spain or Greece.

Inspired by delicious food and drinks from all over the world, we believe to have found a clashy combination of good things becoming even better together.

We sincerely hope to clash you!

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